“Professional Athlete Tested”


What is it?

The athletic movement screen (AMS) has been designed to check the human movement system for postural alignment, symmetry in joint range of motion, flexibility, balance, and movement pattern efficiency.  Simply stated, it is a screening process that discovers hidden weaknesses and limitations in functional movement patterns.  Research shows that right-left asymmetries and major limitations in mobility and stability can increase injury potential and decreases functional effectiveness.  Attempting to add strength and power with imbalances is a recipe for injury.  The imbalances may be caused from; joints that are locked up, muscles that are shut down, muscles that have too much tension, prolonged poor posture, or repetitive patterns of movement in one direction.


Who is it for?

The athletic movement screen is primarily for athletes involved in a competitive sport.  The AMS is just as important for individuals participating in recreational sports of any kind who are interested in maximizing performance. 


Why should I have an athletic movement screen?

We schedule regular maintenance for our cars, homes, teeth, and internal body systems, but disregard our human movement system.  The movement patterns tested reveals quality movement or a break down, and never lie about dysfunction.  Poor movement quality is commonly seen and reversible with the correct approach.  The key is to identify issues that may become problematic before real injuries occur and playing time or performance suffers. 


How is it administered?

A scoring system is used for 7 primary tests and additional tests have been added to insure reliability.  There are 21 possible points awarded and a score of 14 or greater is considered passing.   An expert staff of movement enhancement specialists will administer the tests at your site of choice or at The Trainers Club, 640 Anthony Trail, Northbrook, Il.


What happens after the test?

From the results, the most proven and beneficial corrective strategies are used to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.  It is often the case that we give you the tools of self massage, stretching, joint mobility exercises, and stability/strength exercises to correct poor movement patterns and restore lost function.

A corrective strategy guide will be provided for each athlete with a custom packet of written/illustrated exercises to address their unique deficits that have been discovered at no additional cost.  Personalized training is also available privately or semi-privately if the parent/athlete wish.



Is follow up testing available?

It is recommended that a follow up AMS is administered after 6-8 weeks of corrective strategies have been performed. 


What are the benefits of the corrective strategies?

Improved functional movement quality and overall athletic performance

Improved resilience

Decreases the potential for non-contact sports injuries (strains, sprains)

Corrects physical imbalances or weaknesses

Individualized programming


Who created it?

The original Functional Movement Systems (FMS) screening and it’s 7 tests were designed by world renown physical therapist Gray Cook and is used by the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, and several universities.  This accredited screen is important enough for professional teams, it should be equally important to anyone wanting maximum results from their physical performance.


Mark Cibrario (C.S.C.S.), owner of The Trainers Club in Northbrook Illinois and top 100 personal trainer in the U.S. (Men’s Journal) has used and enhanced this system since 2007.

Mark is a movement enhancement specialist that has taught the art of functional movement and restoration throughout the U.S. and internationally.  He has produced 10 DVD’s and several books in this area.


Who provides the screening?

The Trainers Club has a team of trainers that are skilled in administering the Athletic Movement Screen.


Mark Cibrario, James Ratcliff, Wynne Conklin, Mark Tolle,


What does it cost?

Individual Screening- $80.00

Team Screening- $35.00 per athlete (minimum 10)

Team Screening- $40.00 per athlete (3-9)

Follow up Screening- $15.00 per athlete

Personalized Training- $80.00 per individual or $50.00 for pairs (hourly rate)


Corrective Strategies Individual Packet- Included

A corrective strategy guide with photos and guidelines is given for each movement pattern dysfunction.  Each athlete will be given a packet which targets their specific needs.  Consultation will be given for the team as a whole which includes targeted group body weight strengthening exercises which will be most beneficial for their sport.





Core Conditioning Circuit Team Plan- $100.00

Crunches or traditional sit-ups are counterproductive and considered obsolete by the best minds in functional training and conditioning.  The hidden secrets of creating a strong powerful core are known by few.   Body weight high tension techniques that teach abdominal bracing, hip bridging, and primal movement patterns engaging the entire core are the foundation of our system.   Weight room progressions are offered in phase two that incorporate cable resistance, dumbbells, and kettle bells.  Dynamic integrated medicine ball routines including chopping and rotating are also offered in phase three.  Photos and guidelines will be provided which coaches can easily implement to any practice session.


Pre-Game Warmup Routines- $100.00

Warmup routines have progressed light years from taking a jog around the field.  The most current information in the sporting world will be offered including flexibility and mobility exercises as well as dynamic sport specific pre-game movement skills for the individual sport.  Photos and guidelines will be provided.