Mark Cibrario

CSCS (Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist)

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiologist Level-2

Titlist Performance Institute (TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor L-1)

Youth Speed & Agility Specialist Level 1 (International Youth Conditioning Association)

HKC (Hard Style Russian Kettlebell Certified)

Mark is the owner of The Trainers Club and serves as a resource for the studio's trainers.

Mark is one of the nation’s leading authorities on functional movement training and lifting technique.  He has been recognized as one of the  best 55 trainers in the U.S. by the AAPT (American Association of Personal Trainers) and one of America’s best 100 trainers by Men’s Health Magazine (Dec. 2004 & 2005).  He has presented for many national and international fitness organizations on topics ranging from sports performance enhancement to corrective exercise. The author of several books, Mark has also produced a number of videos and CD’s on functional strength training, restoring flexibility and mobility, and athletic movement assessment.   Mark’s sports passion is baseball, he presently plays in the 18+ Wisconsin State League for the Kenosha Kings, and plays in the 25 + and 35+ Men’s league (MSBL, Chicago North).  Mark is committed to walking the walk of what he teaches and takes pride in helping others live out The Trainers Club motto, "to feel, move, and look better".