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The Trainers Club has served Northbrook Illinois and the surrounding North Shore for 18 years. The Trainers Club, a 6,500 square foot private personal training facility, has been recognized as one of the country’s top private facilities that specializes in the art of functional training, conditioning, injury prevention and post-rehabilitation. The Trainers Club operates with all trainers working as independent contractors/private business owners. The facility provides trainers and their client’s with state of the art equipment designed to improve the functional movement abilities that define their lifestyle.

Do you want to improve your posture, develop a stronger functionally stable
Do you want to decrease your body fat, and feel 20 years younger?
Do you want to get rid of nagging pain in joints, muscles, and move better?
Do you want to learn new millenium strength training secrets that are anything but traditional and not hurt yourself trying?
Do you want to work with a professional trainer with over 10 years of experience who is on the cutting edge of advances in the field?

Your workout program is designed based on your individual needs and our trade-marked professional screens (health/medical screen,
body mapping pain points, posture screen, flexibilty/mobility screen,
athletic movement screen).
Each workout builds on the previous one and how your feeling on the given day.  Building a strong stable core is the foundation of all we do as your progress to integrating to total body functional exercise.

The Trainers Club Business Opportunity for Trainers (Independent Contractors)

The Trainers Club provides trainers from the North Shore area with what has been voted as "the  best equipped functional training environment.  Trainers are charged $18.00 per hourly session.  The facility is open to clients prior to and after workouts.  Trainers are welcome any time to walk through the facility. 

Owner - Mark Cibrario

The Trainers Club is owned by industry expert Mark Cibrario.  Mark practices what he preaches and is actively involved in training 30+ hours per week.  Mark has recently developed an onsite educational video based website for trainers and athletes at www.fivetoolpt.com, with over 11 hours of video education and over 1,000 photos. 

At fivetoolpt.com you will learn about joint screening, movement screening, corrective exercise, mobility/flexibililty, self-massage, dynamic warm-up, speed training, 5 comprehensive strength sections, jump training, agility training,
and med ball training.

M-TH (6:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)

F (6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

SA (6:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.)

SU (per request)

Competitive Athletics

Youth, prep, collegiate and professional athletes come to The Trainers Club to improve their performance. Training programs are based on information gathered from; our trademarked screens, a joint by joint functional profile, and athletic movement observation. We are committed to constant and never ending improvement and continue to educate ourselves far and above the norm. The training staff teaches speed and agility principles from the nationally accredited IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association).

We believe that adding load above body weight is earned through correct motion and stability throughout the kinetic chain. Adding strength on top of dysfunctional movement only exaggerates weaknesses. Trying to add power to joints that are not stable is like “firing a canon from a canoe” (Charles Poliquin). We will help you create resilience and an unbreakable body that can stand up to the rigors of a competitive season.

Job Performance

Your exercise program is geared toward improving overall functional stability, strength, flexibility and your ability to perform job related movements. Our integrated approach focuses on restoring posture through corrective exercise, stretching, and proper work site biomechanics. Overall core strength and reconnecting key spinal stabilizing muscles are foundational to decreasing the risk of low back injuries and missed work days.

Activities of Daily Living

Our primary goal is to help you enjoy life and the activities that define your lifestyle. You will learn how to strengthen your body to work as a linked system with all parts working together to produce efficient movement. We primarily train your body to perform life like essential movement patterns (see FIST), not tradtional body building exercises which isolate out a single muscle group. Isolated movement patterns are utilized, but not for the purpose of having bigger biceps. The main reason for choosing to isolate is to restore lost function and reconnect stabilizing muscles of the body to help reinforce healthy joint function, optimal joint alignment, and posture.

After Therapy

Injuries or surgery often take months of slow, steady consistent work. The process of regaining all of your functional capabilities usually is not complete after being released from physical therapy. We will challenge you in a progressive manner as you strive to get back to your old self again. We work with your therapist to continue building functional flexibility, strength, power, and coordination so that you can confidently get back to the activities you desire. We continually strive to educate ourselves with the brightest minds in the field of corrective exercise and have learned from the nations best physical therapists that have published their works. Names like: Gray Cook, Vladimir Yanda, Shirly Sharman, Gary Gray, Paul Chek, all have had significant influence in helping us to be the referred choice of many physical therapists on the North Shore.

Functional Integrated Strength Training (FIST) Performance Center
Our nationally renowned FIST approach:

* Essential movement pattern training such as: squat, lunge, step-up, lift, hinge, 
  extend, rotate, push, pull, reach, pivot, shift, & glide

* Incorporates primarily ground-based life-like movements in multiple planes

* Real life movement patterns with progressive resistance appropriate for you
  (body weight, dumbbells, barbells, cable resistance, kettle bells, tubing,
  medicine balls, rings, ropes)

* Integrates the whole body through core generated movement patterns

* Promotes ideal postural reactions

* Creates gravitational loading & balance reactions

* Challenges your body & brain

* Is FUN, not the same circuit of machines every workout

On-site Resources

The Trainers Club Mentoring & Internship Program

The Trainers Club, under the leadership of Mark Cibrario, has served many student interns who have completed their college requirements through a semester internship. We have also served many personal trainers in their quest to improve their on the job skills through our mentoring program. The mentoring program is tailor made to meet the requests of each individual in the specialized area they desire.

Nueromuscular Re-Education (Pro Touch Rehabilitation)

If recovering from an old or new injury, muscles sometimes aren’t fully firing to their full potential leaving a joint unstable or lacking full functional ability. We use the latest techniques to re-educate or wake up a muscle group so that movement can be restored within the kinetic chain. We have muscle activation specialist Steve Spencer of Pro Touch Rehabilitation on site.